American Flag - National Anthem

$49.99- Unframed Fine Art Print 16" x 20" (Standard Size) 
$209.99- Double Matte + Framed Print - 22" x 26"
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Woven into the likeness of the very flag that inspired our National Anthem over two hundred years ago are the original 4 verses of Francis Scott Key’s Star Spangled Banner. Artist Daniel Duffy’s flowing script calls to mind undulating waves lapping against the shore in the dawn’s early light, as the red glare of explosions illuminate the flag, tattered yet bold. As we have learned time and time again, these colors don’t run - they persevere when all hope seems lost. This majestic homage will inspire you to do the same.

- Made in the USA
- Each print is hand signed by the artist 
- Printed on acid free, archival matte paper



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