Philadelphia Eagles All Time Roster Word Art

August 02, 2017

Initially, I was going to create this piece just with the words to "Fly Eagles Fly"....but Eagles fans deserve much more than that. And now that we have a quarterback who can win us a Super Bowl, I decided the time was right to create this piece with every single player in Eagles history (all 1739 of them) - with Carson Wentz as the final name on the piece.
As for the image - I wanted to capture pieces of all of the past Eagles logos. I actually started with the Eagles logo image from the late 80s/early 90s, and then flipped it so it would fly from left to right - a nod to the pre-1980s logos. As for the green color - it is the same shade used on the uniforms from the 1930s-60s!
This word art started out with a blank piece of paper and a couple images of the various Eagles logos. Next I added in some background music - Sports Radio WIP callers complaining about why the Eagles haven't run the ball enough over the last 15 years...50 hours later, I present your favorite players handwritten in Kelly Green!

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